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Our Mission:


A new way for athletes to Learn, Train, Develop, Innovate and Succeed.

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Structured for Success

A structured atmosphere of like-minded athletes, move through a day of academics, athletics, training and mentorship creating a culture of goal oriented and self-motivated student athletes.

Here is an example of some athletes that learned through an ‘on-line’ curriculum and went on to do pretty good in sports:

Serena and Venus Williams, Tim Tebow, Jamie Anderson, Simone Biles, Blake Griffin…


Our Programs

Today’s travel or club athlete’s schedule far exceeds the tournament, showcases and recruiting opportunities of the past, our athletes operate in a new and ultra-competitive dynamic paradigm. Athletes are now gone for days at a time, they have more practices, more lessons, more commitments, and more competition than ever before, leaving less time to be a kid (and family member). Our programs allow for a changing schedule and the flexibility of an athletes lifestyle. No mandatory attendance. On-line curriculum. Flexible training hours. Expert skill training. Multiple Locations. There is no program quite like EM Speed and Power for the success of a collegiate bound athlete.

Academic and Athletic Testing

EM Tracks progress as athletes work their way through the program, charting goals and successes.

Total Athletic Development means drawing outside the lines of traditional channels.
— EM Speed and Power

Academic and Athletic Testing

Strength and conditioning

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EM has helped over 50,000 athletes get stronger, faster, more explosive and less injury prone since 2005. Our expert coaches lead athletes through a well planned and executed training regimen etched in years of success for athletes of all ages. EM Athletes have accomplished the pinnacle of success in the sporting world including Olympic teams, National Champions, Professional Championships and more.


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Accredited and approved on-line curriculum together with internet friendly study lounges allow tudors to help athletes work efficiently without distraction. Our professional, clean and fully outfitted study spaces help athletes crush their academics.


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Registered Dieticians guide athletes through a ‘food first’ method of quicker recovery, increased performance and healthy habits that last a lifetime. Healthy meal preps, food plans, grocery lists, education, tracking, body composition testing are all program features available to athletes. Our Athletic Nutrition staff has the experience of working with Collegiate athletes in all sports and all genders.

skill training

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Top athlete / instructors guide athletes through a skill-based curriculum that will help them hit, strike and track down balls better, faster and with the technique before only reserved for the professional athlete.



Research suggests homeschooled (online curriculum) children tend to do better on standardized tests, stick around longer in college, and do better once they're enrolled.

-Business Insider